Gwinn Michigan

Gwinn Michigan

Gwinn Michigan is the perfect little model town. No really it is! If you investigate the history of the town it was built by Cleveland Cliffs Iron from an architectural model they developed. The company bought the land where Gwinn resides in 1902 and hired Warren H. Manning to develop the design for the city. CCI’s original intent was to provide housing for the workers at the Gwinn mine. In later years, CCI sold off its’ interests in the town

Today 1917 (2010 census) people call Gwinn Michigan home as do several small businesses. When you drive through Gwinn you notice that there have been a lot of improvements made to the town over the years. The City has developed a beautiful park located right on the bank of the east branch of the Escanaba River. The park itself is shaded by massive Red Pines and boasts a pavilion, concessions stand, and playground for the kids. Just across the street you’ll find the school library, township offices, police and fire stations, post office, etc. Downtown Gwinn provides a hub of services for the entire community.

Forsyth Township Building
Forsyth Township Building and Library

This historical downtown itself displays a lot of architectural prowess. The buildings still display the designs of the day in which they were built. It’s like taking a step back in to the past. As you walk passed the homes on main street, you feel like your in Mayberry. In all, its’ a very warm town.

The economy of Gwinn appears to be mostly tourism related though there a few small manufacturers in the area. For those who are contemplating a move to the area Marquette is just 20 miles to the north and has a much larger employer base. For those folks who reside below the bridge a 20 mile ride in the Upper Peninsula equates to a run to the store for milk. Nothing is close, but there are employment opportunities in the area.

For those who want to vacation in the Gwinn area there are several great lodges and campgrounds in the area. Gwinn is in the snowmobile/atv trail system which makes it a great starting point for any outdoor adventure. Personally I take the trails to go to the grocery store in Gwinn, but what more can you expect……….after all I’m a Yooper!

For the fishermen out there Forsyth Township offers 52 lakes. That’s right 52 lakes! Many of these have public access and some are off the beaten path, but worth investigating. Check out the lake maps listed in our recreational maps section for free printable maps. There is also the Escanaba River which hold Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Rock Bass and various other species. I’ve spent a bit of time on the Escanaba and have never come home disappointed.

East Branch Escanaba River
East Branch Escanaba River – Gwinn Michigan

If hunting is your thing then you will enjoy the Gwinn State Forest area to the south. The state forest encompasses thousands of acres of recreational lands open to the public. Deer, Turkey, Bear, Ruffed Grouse (Yooper Partridge), Snowshoe Hare, are all abundant in the state forest. That said, hunting may be a little different here than in other areas. There are no agricultural crops to hunt over so sharpen you hunting skills before you come to hunt.

In all Gwinn offers lots for those who want to live or vacation in the area. I’ve spent a lot of time in this small town and have enjoyed every minute of it. Before you come check out our business directory and local attractions. You won’t be disappointed with what is offered in the area especially if you love the outdoors!

Map of Gwinn Michigan

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